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Drizzle clouded our own perception of the valley 40 miles west of Madison. All 20 of us tour takers had ridden to the cemetery in a bus painted to match the rust red trim of the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings scattered in the hills.

Jacobsen was so intent on describing the familial relationships represented by the gravestones that he neglected to shake the dew from his long, gray hair or brush the raindrops off his black windbreaker.cialis generic canada  Scarlet cargo pants completed his outfit, so he was easy to follow over the knolls and through the valleys. Keeping up with Jacobsen’s store of information which came out at roadrunner speed was more problematic.

The Frank Lloyd Wright grave site is marked with characteristic flourish. The headstone isn’t stone at all but a light steel framework with lettering and spots of color that his fans should find quite familiar part Mondrian, cialis Canada part Art Deco, all Frank Lloyd Wright.

The body isn’t there. awomanbehindwomen Wright’s widow and third wife, Olgivanna, let it be known that she wished her husband’s remains cremated and his ashes mixed with hers, then entombed at Taliesin West in Arizona. Wright had died in 1959. His widow, some 30 years his junior, expired in 1985. As always, her wish was everyone’s command.

“His third wife will always from here forward be referred to as Mrs. Wright,” Jacobsen informed us. “All other wives, lovers, peccadilloes those will always be addressed by the proper surname. That way we can articulate as clearly Wright’s libido as we can his architectural career. And they’re virtually inseparable.”

The architecture was virtually inseparable from the rounded and wooded Wisconsin landscape. “Frank Lloyd Wright felt that the true inspirational resource for all architectural theory was the realm of nature,” Jacobsen said. “Frank Lloyd Wright believed that the most honest architecture is in those structures which are predicated on two basic principles shelter and freedom. And he felt nowhere in the realm of nature is this more poetically resonated than in the structural form of trees.”

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We were at the graveyard so he could make that point. At the base of a tall white pine tree is the grave marker for Martha “Mamah” Borthwick Cheney. Their affair in the early 1900s scandalized Oak Park. She was the wife of a client and fell for Wright as he proceeded to design a house for her, her husband and their three children. Wright left his wife, Catherine, and their six children to take up housekeeping with Cheney in the same neighborhood.

By 1911, when the heat of neighborly scorn became too much, it was Cheney who inspired Wright to return to the hills where he had spent most of his teenage summers. There he would build Taliesin and escape from a community that, as he often said, could not appreciate his genius.

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One day in 1914, while Wright worked on a project in Chicago, an apparently crazed servant set the Taliesin house on fire and bludgeoned to death Cheney, her two daughters and four employees as they fled the burning building.

“The Cheney grave marker was placed two years after Mr. Wright’s death by his wife, Mrs. Wright, in 1961,” Jacobsen said. “So he did not place this headstone. . . . And as [the tree] maturated and gained this vertical scale, it allowed him to sit within the forms of [the rebuilt] Taliesin and gaze out across this ancestral landscape and to manifest by virtue of seeing this tree the memory of the woman who impassioned him to build Taliesin.”

From there we could see Wright’s buildings from a distance, tan and low slung, awomanbehindwomen perfect imitations of the sandstone outcroppings that pocked the southern Wisconsin hills.

“So, c’mon,” Jacobsen urged. cialis Canada “Let’s head back to the shuttle.”

The red bus dropped us off at the Hillside Home School site. Young Wright, an apprentice architect, designed the first school in 1886, an unremarkable Queen Anne structure. His clients were maternal aunts, Jane and Nell Lloyd Jones, former public school teachers who had established an institution based on the John Dewey Progressive Reform Movement (learn by doing). In 1900, the aunts needed to expand their boarding school, and Wright created the structure that stands on the site now sandstone enlivened by large windows and dramatic overhangs. cialis generic canada These days, it houses an assembly hall and dining room. Later additions include the drafting studio for the firm known as Taliesin Architects, their apprentices in the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and quarters for members of the Taliesin Fellowship, an ideological commune.